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Carstens HOn3 Annual - Dispatcher's Report

Welcome to the HOn3 Annual Dispatcher's Report! Here you'll find announcements of all new model railroading products direct from the manufacturers. Please use the contact information supplied to learn more about these great new products.

Scale :: Category :: Manufacturer :: Submit

HO Scale

Nick & Nora Designs :: HO Scale :: Structures

Annie's Lunch Counter

MSRP: $45.00 (Catalog No. ST021)

Laser cut walls & front windows, cast foundation, Tichy doors & windows, full color signs. 2 5/8" x 5 3/8" foot print
Nick & Nora Designs :: 12 Penny Lane, Newark, DE 19702
Contact by Email :: (302) 229-6010


Frenchman River Model Works :: HO Scale :: Scenery

Build-A-Barge Series

Introducing our new line of accessories enabling you to customize your own unique barge to fit your waterfront purposes. Start with either a wooden hull barge or a steel hull barge and add your choice of 3 captain�s cabins (small wooden, large wooden, or steel) and your choice of 3 bulkheads (small wooden, large wooden (set of 2) or steel). You may choose to have only bulkheads or add just a captain�s cabin, or add both a captain�s cabin and bulkheads. A prototype photograph can be found for almost any combination, so have fun and let your imagination run wild! Hulls are a one-piece cast resin part and include cleats and bitts. Captain�s cabins are one-piece cast resin and include Grandt Line door and window castings (wood cabins) as well as laser-cut window glazing material. Bulkheads are one-piece cast resin. All parts may be ordered individually as well.
Frenchman River Model Works :: 72191 VM Hwy, Stratton, NE 69043
Contact by Email :: (308) 276-2174


Lake Junction Models, LLC :: HO Scale :: Structures

Chicago & North Western Small Interlocking Tower

MSRP: $64,98 (Catalog No. 1015)

Lake Junction Models, LLC, has just released an easy to assemble model of a small Chicago & North Western interlocking tower in HO scale. The kit consists of laser cut basswood parts and a cast polyurethane chimney. Features include laser milled drop siding walls with tabs for ease of construction. Windows have separate upper and lower sashes and can be modeled open or closed. The window trim and roofing have self-adhesive backing for ease of construction. Also included is an exterior stairway and window screens for the upper windows. Footprint is 1-3/4"x2".
Lake Junction Models, LLC :: 673 N. Forest Ave, Webster Groves, MO 63119
Contact by Email :: (314) 570-5484


Frenchman River Model Works :: HO Scale :: Scenery

HO (1/87) Scale Covered Wooden Barge

MSRP: $89.00 (Catalog No. 168)

This kit represents a covered wooden barge seen extensively throughout New York Harbor and many other northeastern waterways from the turn of the century through the 1950's. They were basically a floating warehouse that could be towed or pushed out to a ship. Once alongside the ship, the roof hatches and side doors would be opened and cargo could be lowered by the ship's boom down into the barge. Once loaded the barge would be taken back to shore to be unloaded into warehouses and the cargo dispersed to its destination by truck or rail. This kit contains a one piece cast resin hull (hollow on the underside), a one piece cast resin cover which includes cast in place interior wall and ceiling details, 4 cast resin hatch covers, 2 cast resin ladders, 4 lead-free pewter cleats and 4 lead-free pewter bollards, 5 laser cut wood doors, Grandt Line door and window castings and laser cut window glazing material. All parts have extensive detailing and character cast in place. This beautiful kit builds up quickly (typically in just a few evening's time) giving you a great centerpiece for a foreground scene you'll be proud to display.
Frenchman River Model Works :: 72191 VM Hwy, Stratton, NE 69043
Contact by Email :: (308) 276-2174


The TrainMaster, LLC :: HO Scale :: Structures

Kit 2 - Caboose Services

MSRP: $89

The TrainMaster is offering the HO scale Caboose Services Kit #2 ( It has five structures used to service cabooses (flag/lantern stand, supply shed, coal bunker, fuel tank and ice house) with over 50 detail items from various suppliers. The structures are narrow and designed to be laid out alongside the caboose track in a yard. Included: laser cut walls, roofing, scale stripwood, extensive instructions with numerous construction photos and templates, flexible footprint and website with how-to videos. This limited production kit is priced at $89.
The TrainMaster, LLC :: 13622 Pinewood Trail, Newark, OH 43055
Contact by Email :: (740) 745-5921


All Scales

Trackside Scenery - Model Railroad Products :: All Scales :: Scenery

Model Railroad Backdrops

We offer a wide variety of innovative model railroad backdrops that feature a unique track side view that is scale proportionate where the backdrop meets your layout or display. Many of the backdrops are offered with a repeating design to be expandable and are offered in many popular scales and backdrop sizes. Our backdrops feature a unique track side view to put you right there in the scene. Each image delivers a trackside view and honest real world perspective that no other commercially available backdrops can match. Visit our web site for more details.
Trackside Scenery - Model Railroad Products :: 193 Hickory Hollow Road, Berkeley Springs, WV 25411
Contact by Email :: (304) 279-7375


Other Railroading Products

Yard Goat Images :: Other Railroading Products :: Other

Can't You Hear the Whistle Blowing? (Audio CD)

MSRP: $15.00 (Catalog No. 1320)

I'm a videographer, but just as fussy about the sound as I am with image quality. I've always invested in good microphones, and I try to avoid locations where other noise interferes with our subject, the steam locomotive. A great deal of time going through my recording files has resulted in this collection of 29 steam locomotive tracks that should be appealing to not only steam aficionados but to anyone who appreciates the sound of railroading. The Locomotives: Black Hills Central #110 * Canadian National #3254 * Durango & Silverton #473 * Laona & Northern #4 * Milwaukee Road #261 * Nickel Plate #765 * Reading & Northern #425 * Cass Shays #5, 6, 11 * Soo Line #1003, Soo Line #2719 * Southern #401 * Strasburg Rail Road #89 * Union Pacific #844 * Union Pacific #3985 * Wiscasset, Waterville & Farmington #10 I hope you enjoy these sounds. I recommend a comfy chair, eyes closed, smile on face. Approximately 75 minutes on 29 Audio Tracks
Yard Goat Images :: 112 3rd AV NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413
Contact by Email :: (612) 623-0167


Yard Goat Images :: Other Railroading Products :: Videos/DVDs

Cass: Railfan Weekend

MSRP: $24.95 (Catalog No. 1318)

The Cass Scenic Railroad has deep roots. The West Virginia Pulp & Paper Company began harvesting the red spruce and eastern hardwood trees in the early 1900's. A logging railroad was built into the forested mountains to bring the timber to the company town of Cass, where housing for workers, a commissary for provisions, a school, and even religious facilities were provided. Tracks to the timber were laid on grades up to 9% with switchbacks to achieve elevation. After 60 years of operation, the company closed the mill, the town, and the railroad in June, 1960. The railroad was sold to a scrap dealer. Thanks to the actions of railfans and local communities, the railroad was saved for tourism and became Cass State Park in 1963. In addition to the state of West Virginia, today's Cass Scenic Railroad is supported by the Mountain State Railroad & Logging Historical Association, which sponsors the annual Railfan Weekend each year. Railfans armed with a vast array of camera equipment and rugged clothing descend on this remarkable mountain railroad. Our program documents the three-day 2013 Railfan Weekend, which marked the 50th anniversary of the Cass Scenic Railroad.
Yard Goat Images :: 112 3rd AV NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413
Contact by Email :: (612) 623-0167


Dan Rand Publishing :: Other Railroading Products :: Books

The Next Stop is Rangeley

MSRP: $54.00

The Next Stop is Rangeley, by Guy Rioux, is the first release of a new book series, The Franklin County Narrow Gauges. This 312 page, hardcover book focuses on Maine's two-foot gauge Phillips & Rangeley Railroad and also includes the histories of the two-foot gauge Madrid and Eustis railroads, which were built by the Phillips & Rangeley. The book covers the operations of all three railroads from 1889 to 1908 and includes first hand accounts of the rail-road, 13 previously unpublished maps and G.P.S. coordinates to provide readers with the opportunity to explore various locations throughout Franklin County related to the history of the Phillips & Rangeley Railroad. The book is priced at $54.00, with all profits being donated to local high schools and historical societies.
Dan Rand Publishing :: 57 Winchester St., Boston, MA 02116
Contact by Email :: (603) 767-5426



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