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Carstens HOn3 Annual

Henry Carstens

Assistant to the Publisher
Phyllis Carstens

Chris Lane

Associate Editor
George Riley

Editor at Large
Don Strait

Customer Service
Lynn Good
(973) 383-3355

Dealer Service
Cathy Streeter
(973) 383-3355


Contact Us!

Contact us!

Mailing Address:
4786 S. Salida St
Aurora, CO 80015

Voice: (303) 489-8760

Our normal business hours are Monday through Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm Mountain Time.

Don't miss all of the great HOn3 narrow gauge content in each issue!

Don't miss an issue!Carstens HOn3 Annual is packed with tours of beautiful layouts, inspiring modeling features, and accurate and interesting information about the prototype. In-depth product reviews and inspiring features and photos are found in each issue. The HOn3 Annual is released once a year, and is only available from your local hobby shop or direct from Carstens Book Store. If you can't find Carstens Publications at your local hobby shop, please let us know!

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